Stakeholder Symposium

The project team completed the final phase of research, hosting focus group discussions in the four project States (Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia) with stakeholders from the government, NGO and private sectors to broaden our insight into the range of factors that enable and constrain local innovations for climate change adaptation.

The team also hosted a multi-stakeholder symposium in Melbourne on December 7th 2017 at RMIT University, Melbourne. The Symposium was designed as an interactive think-tank to share stories, initiatives and findings that have emerged and are emerging from the research. The event was broken into three sessions, starting with the presentation and critical discussion of key findings and insights from each phase of the research.

View symposium slides

The team then facilitated a panel discussion with active participation from symposium participants around the following themes:

  1. How do we talk about local climate adaptation? Understanding challenges/shaping frameworks
  2. Implementation: What are we doing and could these ideas/practices be scaled up or implemented elsewhere?
  3. Enabling innovation: overcoming barriers and dissolving boundaries

The final session involved a discussion around potential project outputs. The project team have been particularly buoyed by the enthusiasm and insight provided by symposium participants and are grateful for their generous contributions.  A summary report on the symposium is available here and we welcome your comments and feedback:

ARC Discovery Project_Summary of Stakeholder Symposium´╗┐