CanWin – Climate Action Now! Working together to win

Location: Wingecarribee, NSW

CANWin – Climate Action Now! Wingecarribee – is a non-partisan community group based in the Southern Highlands of NSW.1 The organisation works to foster community-based initiatives that respond to the impacts of climate change and develop community resilience in the face of peak oil.  A central driver is the recognition of the value of ‘working together’. CANWin has taken inspiration from the great Mahatma Gandhi  –  “we must be the change we wish to see in the world”.

CANWin brings together a range of stakeholders regularly through running a range of public events, such as speaker nights, film nights, and the recent Clean Energy Future workshop. It researches and prepares information sheets for members and the public on scientific and technical matters that affect the sustainability of life on the Highlands. CANWin initiatives include programs, such as Fruit Rescue, Community Exchange Southern Highlands, and Repower Southern Highlands. It collaborates with many other local groups that share a vision for a united, resilient and sustainable community.

One of CANWin’s primary and most exciting ventures is the Transition Shire Wingecarribee (TSW) which is part of the world-wide Transition Network.2 TSW works to bring issues related to climate change and peak oil to the attention of locals. TSW functions as a catalyst to support community groups and activities. TSW initiatives continuously strive for a more locally-based, simple and mindful community that moves away from the pervasive fossil fuel-dependent lifestyles.3

CANWin has recently supported the organisation called Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia Incorporated –  CORENA Fund.4 CANWin energy working group supports CORENA Fund to connect community groups to partner in a renewable energy Quick Win Project at community-owned facilities. It is a crowd-funding model helping to place solar panels on a range of community buildings (e.g. child care centre). CANWin thus actively assists communities to go off the grid – a ‘people-powered’ movement to fast track Australia’s renewable energy revolution – “many hands make renewable energy work in Australia”.

Figure 1: Kids pledging to “many hands make renewable energy work”4