One Planet Council Program: Fremantle, WA

Location: City of Fremantle, WA

The equity dimensions of sustainability are at the heart of the ‘One Planet Council Program’ which brings together community members and local government to work together towards sustainable living. One Planet is a global initiative and its aims are ‘to create a future where it is easy, attractive and affordable for people to lead happy and healthy lives within a fair share of earth’s resources.’1

The One Planet Councils Program in Australia works with BioRegional, an international NGO responsible for the development of the ‘One Planet Living Framework’.  The program follows 10 principles2 to guide ‘practical solutions to climate change’, these principles include: culture and community; equity and local economy; health and happiness; land use and wildlife; local and sustainable food; materials and products; travel and transport; sustainable water; zero carbon energy and zero waste.3 

The City of Fremantle launched its One Planet Fremantle strategy in 2014-2015, to set out how it would become a One Planet Council.4 The concept behind ‘One Planet’ is that it supports a holistic framework that can be embedded and implemented across all areas of Council business.  The City of Fremantle supports staff, local business, industry, and residents to strive towards a one-planet lifestyle by 2025. The City has committed to a suite of corporate and community targets and has developed a detailed action plan to guide progress towards meeting these targets. 

This strategy and action plan are to ensure that events and opportunities are offered to the Fremantle community, so that they can come together and celebrate achievements, share stories and be rewarded for their participation in building the sustainability of the City of Fremantle. 

One notable example is the One Planet FreoMatch5 which aims to increase the value of the City’s investment into community initiatives by partnering successful applicants with ‘Start Some Good’6 to develop a crowd-funding campaign. It is collaboration model where individual from the communities initiates crowd-funding for projects and when the project reached 50% of its total target, the City will invest the remaining 50% to reach the funding goal. In 2015-2016, FreoMatch supported eight sustainability projects. The projects range from an urban mushroom farm that utilises coffee ground waste from Fremantle cafes to grow mushrooms to a programme delivered in schools to help skill young people in identifying opportunities for positive change in our community. 

The Eco-Eats7 project was to fund an eco-conscious catering business (Figure 1) that does not only ensure healthy eating, but also controls all aspects of the sustainable food cycle from purchases (native, seasonal, local, minimal-meat) to packaging, storage and delivery.  Another project funded in 2016 was Disco Soup8 , inspired from initiatives in Germany, to minimise food waste by raising  public awareness around how much food is lost or wasted because it is imperfect. 

Figure 1: ‘The Dream Kitchen’ by Eco Eats, part of the One Planet ‘start something Good’ Project, a sustainable crowd-funding project. 7   Image reproduced by permission.